Sally Benedict

110 Lewis Street, Ketchum


Artist Bio

Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, Sally has been making art since early childhood. The creative energy and beauty of Charleston, SC drew her to attend College of Charleston to study Art History and Studio Art. She graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art in 2007, and while working with top interior designers and architects, she was encouraged to fully pursue her painting and so was hosted her first solo show following graduation in 2007 by her mentors. Sally quickly grew her business on her own, and has sense been represented by top galleries across the country, been in numerous shows and publications, and has garnered a loyal following of new and established collectors alike. After living in Charleston and having her first baby, Sally and her husband relocated to her hometown of Atlanta, Ga. After 9 wonderful years and 1 more baby later, they decided to make the move they always dreamed of to Ketchum, Idaho. Sally and her family welcomed a third Idaho baby in 2022, and has a full cup of family, community and arts in her new hometown. She will be having her first exhibition in Ketchum at Hemmings Gallery Friday, July 7th during the art walk. She cannot wait to meet you!

Artist Statement

I paint for the process and journey of where it leads me. Every idea seems fleeting, so I try to capture those moments and suspend them in time as best I can in order to recreate them on the canvas. I dive into my intuition and let color, emotion, composition, imagination, and music guide the way. I strive to create beauty in a way that excites and resonates on a personal level with the viewer.