Narda Pitkethly

200 South Big Wood Drive, Ketchum


Artist Bio

In 1983 I learned to blow glass, while studying Fine Arts at the University of Washington. My professor suggested I take a glass-blowing class at Pratt Fine Arts, not far from campus in Seattle. My mother, Susan Glass, volunteered to be my partner for the class.

We both got hooked, and we were known as the mother-daughter team.

We were further inspired by attending the Pilchuck Glass School just north of Seattle, created by Dale Chihuly.

Using harmoniously blended colors, based on the ancient Chinese art of Color Feng Shui and the Bagua Map, the Glassy Globe was born.

Artist Statement

Attract positive energy into your life by selecting the Glassy Globe that attracts you. Using a Glassy Globe, you can enhance your home, garden, office – even your boat or your tent. Simply hang the Glassy Globe in the areas that reflect what you want to focus on in your life. You can use the Bagua Map to find the perfect spot. Hang your Glassy Globe where you can easily reach it. Give it a spin often to radiate its energy.