Mary Rolland

231 Northwood Way 800B, Ketchum


Artist Statement

My paintings are not pre conceived other than choosing the palette of colors I will use for a canvas. When I begin, I don’t start here and end there. I start with a stroke and I let the paint tell me where I am going.

As the paint begins to flow fluidly from edge to edge, corner to corner, and top to bottom of the canvas, I paint what I am feeling, not what I am immediately seeing. I am continuously drawn in and out of the canvas, until an image begins to appear and develop into a finished painting. Some have said my paintings are very ethereal. Poetic imagination, unique, loose, and rich in a heavenly use of colors that drip and flow. Viewers, like myself, are drawn in and out of the paint- ing, until they follow their own imagination of what they feel and see.

In 1980, I moved from Sun Valley to NYC where I have a painting studio in Soho. I spend my summers in Sun Valley, Idaho, where I have a painting studio in Ketchum, Idaho.