Marjolaine Renfro

204 Garnet Street, Ketchum


Artist Bio

Why Wednesday, Everyday?

When I was a child, my family had craft night once a week. It was the night I lived for.

Long before Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, my father searched for material to pile on the kitchen table. As immigrants, we did not have much money, so I imagine he rummaged through castoffs for many of our supplies. He may have been the first recycler. On craft night, the only instruction he gave his four children was to gather around and create whatever our imaginations could fancy. I waited eagerly to see what would be on the table—what I would get to play with—what I would be able to create.

Craft night was always on Wednesdays.

Now, thanks to my father’s inspiration, I play in the many artistic fields I love; and I do it every day.

Now I have Wednesday, Everyday.

Artist Statement

art overlaps
eddying around in used-up materials
now and then an artist takes aim
and stays distinctive

such aims distinguish
the link to
                    and even

sometimes art
might link especially to some other person
a program of images
to bring strangers together