Marie Stewart

620 S Main Street, Bellevue


Artist Bio

I paint distinctively bold, bright and magical designs on animal skulls, canvases and clothing. Incorporating primitive and modern forms including: pointillism, realism and abstraction, I create both museum quality art for viewing and conversational art to wear.

My creative story begins in New Zealand, where I was basically born making things, seeking to feed my hungry soul through creativity. By age 5 I had learned to sew and began using my family and my travels as an incredible source of inspiration. THE WORLD – MY CLASSROOM!

I created my first clothing company in my teens, launching “SunGod”, which sold original hand made surf shorts. I then set out to explore Europe and the USA and landed in Sedona, AZ where I launched “Marie Stewart Designs” my company dedicated to one of a kind art on clothing. I played with different surface designs, using dyes, silk-screen, batik and finally paint and paintbrush. At age 25 I was flinging paint on fabric and t-shirts (in the spirit of Jackson Pollock), and became successful dressing rock stars, including The Grateful Dead.

My free spirit has enjoyed making, and selling originals at art and craft shows for many years. I continue to enjoy this bohemian lifestyle.

My art is included in many public and private collections around the Wood River Valley, and outside it; check out my painted cactus outside Desperado’s in downtown Ketchum.

Visit ‘Living Artist Studio’ in Bellevue, ID overflowing with my cross generational creations.