Lisa Horton

1110 Silver Star Drive, Hailey


Artist Bio

Fascination with plants led me to a master’s degree in Plant Anatomy and I use the textures and forms of the Plant Kingdom in all my jewelry. Moving to Idaho in 1989 opened up my vistas, changed my color palette, and inspired me to add leather to my designs.

Artist Statement

My work blends traditional metalsmithing methods with nontraditional metal clay techniques to produce pieces combining mixed metals. I introduce texture into sheet metal by forging (hammering) and building up layers through cold connections and soldering. Metal clay techniques offer me options for adding surface interest including impressions of plant materials. Leaves, petals, wood grain, twigs and seed pods leave distinctive marks, as does carving directly into the pieces and utilizing a water-etching technique.

I add gemstones, wire and leather to complete the jewelry. My line includes a comprehensive collection of pins, bolo ties, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces including fine silver and bronze chain bracelets, chain necklaces, and earrings. Many of my necklace designs involve leather cord or suede lace. Clasps are handmade, either from wire or sculpted in bronze and silver.