Lisa Holley

270 Northwood Way, #205, Ketchum


Artist Bio

Graduation from Syracuse University, School of Art ’66. Graduate work at Wayne State University, MI, Syracuse University & Pilchuck Glass School, WA. Working exclusively as a contemporary Botanical Artist the scope of avenues for presentation broad. My work is not only in galleries in the United States but also Internationally. Vintage Restaurant, Ketchum and Towne and Park Jewelry, in Sun Valley find an audience out of the ordinary. Recent shows include The National Wildlife Art Museum, Jackson, WY. Featured Artist, National Audubon Society & Camelback Gallery. Invitational at The Explorer’s Club, NYC, NY. Over 60 animals have been researched and painted since 1982 when I started the “You Are What You Eat” series.

Artist Statement

Illustrating botanicals through watercolor, dry brush and graphite became a passion of mine after studying the works of 16th century artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Drawing animals, plants, flowers and insects, I aim to involve the viewer into another dimension of thought. Composing my subjects from either what they eat, or are associated with is a challenge during the creation of the work. It is fascinating for me to observe the varied and inquisitive reactions people have to the finished works.

The “You Are What You Eat” series involves extensive research and creative planning. Accuracy is necessary as the paintings are enjoyed as an educational tool for all ages.

My objective as an artist is to present animals and botanical subjects in a fashion which encourages the viewer to observe the painting while gaining new insights, exploring the paintings with expanded new visual and mental awareness.

An educational “content key” accompanies each piece which is constructed throughout the illustration process.