Linda Kimball

North Town Center, 971 – 3 & 4 Main Street City, Ketchum


Artist Bio

I was born in Wisconsin, raised in Illinois, and spent many years in Southern California. I have been recently living in North Carolina and Idaho. I come from a family of artists, my father and great uncle, both dreamers and art lovers. However, I am an artist because I need a creative outlet to help me release my past, help me heal and I am inspired by art period! I lose myself when I paint and I often draw inspiration from thoughts of my mother. My mother was present physically but mentally absent. The lack of a mother in my childhood has had an enormous influence on my life. I use painting in the most sincere form of self-expression.

I make my art from a variety of mixed media sometimes using encaustics, although these days I am primarily using acrylics & oil sticks.

All of my works contain a presence of “Elaine” whether underneath the layers of paint on top in the form of a silhouette.

I have attended Penland School of Crafts to study encaustic painting and various other art schools & classes over the years.

In addition to being an artist, I am a retired docent at the North Carolina Museum of Art and volunteer for the Sun Valley Art museum from time to time.