Jill Johnson

231 Tendoy Street, Bellevue


Artist Bio

I am an Idaho girl, born and raised. Currently located near Sun Valley, ID, with Mark, my real-life potato farmer husband.

One thing I am known for is my laugh; I love to laugh and make others laugh as well; it’s my superpower!

Starting this business (at 50 years old) became an extension of my passion for leveling up what you think about quilting. These ain’t your grandma’s quilts (no offense to grandma, p.s. I am one!)

My studio has given me a place to channel my energy into creating art, exploring new aspects of design, hone my craft, and find myself again. When deciding on a business name, J Coterie just felt right. The word “coterie” means an intimate group of like-minded people with shared tastes, interests, and purposes. No matter how big my circle gets, that is what I strive to create. I love all things social, and I like to dream BIG! My plans to grow J. Coterie are huge, and I can’t wait to share that with you!