Glenn Carter

187 Hardwood Street, Bellevue


Artist Bio

Technical Degree from Heald’s College/San Francisco
Film and TV Degree from San Francisco College
Owner of “House of Sound” in Butte, Montana
BFA from University of Montana/Missoula
Master’s degree in fine arts from Mills College/Oakland
Taught Fine Art at Chabot College/BayArea for ten years
Ketchum Zoo owner from 1985 to 1995
Featured in two Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogs with my products
“Buck” at the Kneadery Restaurant in Ketchum is a self-portrait
Maker of all the Animal Bar Stools for 49 Rainforest Cafes (total number 3865)
Designed Veterinarian Stools for Animal Kingdom at Disney World
Private studio as Glenn Carter Sculpture, 1995 to present
Sculptor of the “Fallen Soldier Memorial” (Helmet, Gun and Boots) located at Hailey Cemetary
My work can be found internationally

Artist Statement

As a young person to be part of a Carousel Animal Merry-Go-Round in Butte, Montana and carving twigs at 6 years old gave me my life direction.