EJ Harpham

109 Lewalt Road, Bellevue



Artist Bio

Since 1974 I have been working with clay. Back then I never imagined being a clay artist would be an integral part of my life yet daily I’m still excited to walk into my studio to create new things. My clay designs and shapes have evolved through the years but they all reflect the original colorful yet functional nature of my work. Mostly self-taught I specialize in large scale tile murals and sinks but I also am constantly developing new slab and wheel-thrown designs for functional ware always with an eye for colorful and intricate patterns.

Artist Statement

As I open a kiln and look in, I see each newly created piece-something brand new, most one of a kind formed with my hands from clay yet now colorful, solid and permanent. In every piece I see a history of my 48 year progression in pottery and know there’s still more to be explored. My goal-If my work makes you smile and brightens your world in even the simplest manner of a well made piece of pottery my work has meaning.