Deanna Schrell

531 River Street East, Ketchum


Artist Bio

Deanna Schrell was raised in the hot desert of Arizona and on the sandy beaches of California before moving to the snowy mountains of Ketchum Idaho in 1974. This background and her love for the outdoors is evidenced in her colorful paintings. Art has been her passion since childhood. Deanna uses color harmony, light and shadow and exciting brushwork to capture the essence of her subject matter. Oils are her medium and on any given day, you may find her painting in the fresh air, bringing her canvases to life.

“Color, light and the juiciness of brush strokes on canvas move me to paint the outdoors landscape.

I live in the mountains where there are four wonderful seasons. The color of the light and the mood is always changing, making one moment more interesting and beautiful to paint than the next. It is a challenge to capture these effects of nature and when it happens on my canvas, the best part is sharing it with you…”