David Costa

301 Dakota Drive, Hailey



Artist Statement

In 2020, the world was forced indoors by COVID-19. To call the lockdown challenging is clearly an understatement, yet among the upheaval many people discovered new interests and activities. Mine was painting. With no formal training in the art of making art – but with time on my hands, thoughts of the past in my head and a laptop on my lap – I turned to Google and YouTube for tips and tricks. Amazon was my lifeline to supplies: canvases, palette knifes and paint. No one was looking, so I loaded my knife with lots of brightly colored acrylic, then went to work. Through trial and error over a period of months, a style emerged. Generally one of vintage American objects presented with whimsy and surrounded by bright backdrops. Unknowingly, I was capturing the innocence and ingenuity of American life in the post-WWII era I enjoyed as a boy. For kicks and giggles – and surprisingly sales – I shared my work with friends and family on Facebook and Instagram. Apparently, it sparked happy thoughts of days gone by; during a time when “happy thoughts” were a rarity. Red hi-top sneakers, lawn chairs and mom’s apron each put smiles on faces. My friend Joe described my style as “one part kitsch and two parts nostalgia”. I think he’s right. I hope my art evokes tender memories of your past and sentimental smiles today.