Christine Warjone

113 Aspen Hollow Road, Ketchum


Artist Bio

Christine is a self-taught…and self-compelled artist. She has had a lifetime of using various mediums to enhance environments…from her very early years of painting and re-decorating her personal spaces and snapping photos (at  12!)…to a corporate career running a hotel management company…to creating artful sanctuaries in anything from a backyard to a hotel or restaurant. She is passionate about noticing moments and telling stories with paint and mixed media. Her camera and paintbrush (and wood and metal and acrylic and canvas) have been a consistent part of her life. She is most at home in her studio and her garden. Her works are collected by corporations and private collectors in Europe, The Caribbean, across the U.S. and Canada. When not in her studio, she spends as much time as possible with her husband, grown children, grandchildren and most recently with a great grandchild.

Artist Statement

To describe my artistic style invokes words like elegant, playful, honoring, contemplative, and present. Whether acrylic on canvas, original photos on metal, or mixed media on wood…the common thread is the juxtaposition of vision, connection, and telling the subject’s story in a way that honors them and connects with the viewer.

This is a non-traditional artist statement – as I am admittedly a non-traditional artist. If you’re looking for a predictable style, year after year, then I am not your artist. If you’re looking to connect with someone who is constantly seeking, seeing, creating, and adventuring into new mediums and styles – you have found your home. Thank you for your interest. I am always honored to have been given a chance to create for my clients.