Anne Jeffery

10 Tyler Drive, Bellevue


Artist Bio

I was fascinated at an early age by the photography of the f64 Group, which included Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, and Edward Weston, which inspired me to become a photographer. After receiving a practical degree from UC Berkeley I went on to study photography at Brooks Institute of Photography. Following Brooks, I had the honor of being selected to work as an assistant to Ansel Adams at one of his Yosemite Workshops. In the years since I have continued to study and evolve as a photographer and an artist studying under such luminaries as Paulette Travormina, Maggie Taylor and Ysabel LeMay. I have twice been a finalist in the international Julia M. Cameron Awards for Women Photographers. In addition to local exhibits my work has been exhibited at the Foto Biennale in Berlin and at FotoNostrom in Barcelona, Spain.

Artist Statement

My work combines traditional photography with digital interpretation. I photograph the diminutive landscapes of the natural world – seeds, flowers, leaves, branches, grasses, and the birds, bugs, and butterflies that dwell within these landscapes. My hypercollages merge these elements with photographs of clouds, streams, waterfalls, bubbles, and splashes of color. I immerse myself in the digital process of intertwining these multiple elements until a final composition arises. The result might be moody or whimsical, delicate or splashy, or pensive and muted depending on where the images take me. Final images may have over 100 individual layers.