Angela Neiwert

131 Prairie Sun Rd, Bellevue


Artist Bio

I was born and raised on a farm in Southern Idaho. Working with the earth through tilling the soil, planting, and harvesting crops were a part of my life for my first twenty years. My art education began at Boise State University where I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a double emphasis in ceramics and painting. Later in life, my husband and I farmed in Southern Idaho for three years and I traveled, selling my art at shows throughout the northwest. In 2001, I received my Master of Fine Art with an emphasis in ceramics at Boise State University. I have been an art teacher at various art camps, taught special education art in high school, an art educator for grade school, taught at community centers and have taught ceramics at Boise State University over the years. Currently I am teaching throwing on the wheel and hand-building with clay at Boulder Mountain Clayworks in Ketchum.

Artist Statement

Clay is my primary medium. I have been obsessed with this wonderful material of the Earth since 1991. I love the process of transforming clay into hand-coiled and slab-built sculpture and making altered forms on the potter’s wheel. My sculptures often contain multiple segments that require an installation experience. A storytelling quality accompanies each sculpture and each design on my pots. I draw great inspiration from my surroundings through the diversity of nature in my own backyard. I have been influenced by the flora and fauna of the Wood River Valley and the Sawtooth Mountain range. I have also been exploring my farming roots through documenting the history of my family’s farming in Idaho for generations and thinking of the small farms, wild clay, and farm to table movement. We currently have a small farm on the Bellevue Triangle. My body of work has evolved from an in-depth exploration of the world of teapots, figurative work, pottery, and installations. The versatility of clay and its endless possibilities continually challenge me to further my artistic endeavors.